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Comments on this article Posted by Optional on 22/12/2017 at I have suffered from this problem since I was a kid. The simple solution is to clean with water, not soap, and the most efficient way to do that is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. #Your Welcome Posted by Optional on 08/11/2017 at After struggling with itchy bottom for two years I went to see my Doctor. Please save yourself years of agony and have your Doctor prescribe Hydrocortisone cream.I have tried every crème recommended on this website. My Doctor prescribed a powder but that did not work. I would use a back scratcher and scratch until I was raw. Posted by David B4 on 23/10/2017 at The most common cause of anal itch (Pruritus Ani) is the continual rubbing and irritation of the sensitive skin with toilet paper. Posted by finally solved on 06/09/2017 at Two years of suffering from itchy bottom.(Lesson #1 – NEVER tell a doctor what procedure you want, just tell him your symptoms).So I had 3 hemorrhoid banding procedures for a total of about 00. His office recommended Desitin, and then Balneal – and I tried them both. Two weeks ago, I went to my primary care doctor and mentioned the problem.Posted by Optional on 26/05/2017 at Thank you for posting this article, this is honestly the best, most helpful article on the entire internet! THIS article is why the World Wide Web is amazing!! My lover Carlos can get a little rough in the boudoir and I am sometimes left with small tears.

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I went to my gastro to ask him to remove the hemorrhoids he had detected on a colonoscopy several years before.They lay thousands of eggs on the skin of the anus, causing intense itching at night.