Self updating web page mcafee error validating web address

03-Sep-2017 00:08

The administrator controls which attributes the user is allowed to view and update.Advantages of Directory Update include: There are flexible and versatile applications that perform many of the same tasks as Directory Update, but cost 10 times what Directory Update costs; there are also similar applications that offer fewer features, less flexibility, higher deployment costs.

Directory Update allows your end users to update their own information via a flexible self-service web page.

We can use some attributes that are provided by the Exchange Server “schema” prep forest.

To use attributes such as the extension attributes (aka custom attributes) we suggest you “prep” you forest with a minimum of Exchange Server 2003, but this is not necessary.

The level of security is similar to accessing commercial sites such as your bank and requires secured password access.

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ESS allows employees to view: to change your password.Either the Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition or Datacenter are supported.

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