Protecting dating widows

01-Dec-2017 06:00

When she went into her local Bank of America, the teller questioned her reasons for processing the transfer.

But she stuck to what Duffey told her to say: that it was for a family matter.

It felt like a physical punch to the gut, she says.

And yet, as everyone sat down onto the table on Thanksgiving, she kept the news, and her rising panic, to herself.

Her late husband, an electrical engineer who worked for over 40 years with IBM, had died in December 2014 after a six-month medical ordeal, during which a series of complications kept him in the hospital until the very end.

And the widow—a retired nurse—soon found herself in a health battle of her own.

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While they never met in person, she says, Duffey’s missives were sweet, and filled with poetry.

So, later in October, when Duffey told her that he might be able to help her with her finances, she jumped at the chance.