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Quite simply, both sides created a mess that was open to interpretation, because they didn’t really want to make the tough decisions. Changes what they made are against most of the players there, VPPs change, freerolls canceled, rake is smaller for some players . What are you think, are be mass movement to other sites ?For example, tools can no longer notify an end-user that their starting hand lies in Group 1 of a statically defined grouping of hands. Table Selection and Seating Scripts can no longer time a player’s registration into a global waiting list. Well if we banned all HUDs, and third party software, perhaps I could get good enough to save up enough money to buy one of these things that I stumbled upon when doing my AI sex toy research. They must register players into specific tables or tournaments. Instead of creating an AI that came make me cum, why not create one that can figure this out for me. Once upon a time there was a game called online poker: pure, perfect poker.Over time this pure, perfect poker because a little tainted.Whilst I stand up and applaud them for taking action and striding towards, what will eventually be a return to pure and perfect online poker, I am confused about the way they have gone about it, and I am not alone. Reference material, such as starting hand charts, now have to be “basic in nature”.Anything considered to be sophisticated in nature can no longer be used whilst the client is open. HUDs are no longer permitted to display non-numerical data, categorize players or dynamically display statistics specific to a certain situation. Hand or Situation Analyzers, such as programs that compute equities of various ranges of hands against one another, can no longer be used whilst the client is open. Game State Reporters can no longer automatically or semi-automatically retrieve information from an otherwise permitted reference material.

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The press release cites “sophisticated third party online poker tracking software such as HUDs, seating scripts and the sharing of hand history databases” as impacting new players and the recreational community.

Players will be able to view the last 12 months of their own hand histories within the Missions icon in the partypoker software, but hand histories will no longer be able to be downloaded and saved to their local devices.

Tony Dunst, partypoker Ambassador, spoke out in support of the changes when he said, “Without them, grinders will merely pass money back and forth while being raked, and games will inevitably dry up.

There is also an accompanying 36-page document that goes into more detail on the proposed changes entitled I read it. The main bullet points seem to be the end of Spin Wiz, another step towards the total annihilation of table selection and seating scripts, restrictions on HUD use, and various other complicated changes to third party software applications.

Spin Wiz was created as a tool to table select in the Spin & Go games. Wouldn’t a total ban on third party software be the simplest way forward?

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