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HADCO Farms Georgetown Online Guyana National Shipping Company Michelle Cole Fashions Red Rupununi Weavers Sterling Products Ltd. A GUYANESE FREND CAUSE DE DAM TEARS IN DE FUST PLACE A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names.

Tradewind Construction & Furniture Manufacturing HUSH AWHILE A man with dreams and vision came To fight ‘gainst Colonial powers, for Guyana’s name A titanic great and strong Who toiled and toiled so long – Yet with fortitude and poetic speed ‘Gainst those who conspired, he succeed. Richmond GUYANA AWAITS To teach some history about Guyana, in poetry and prose To tell about the 1200’s, when Waraus, Arawaks and Caribs settled and rove And alas, Columbus came and sighted Guyana’s shores Then came Sir Walter Raleigh to explore He entered Orinocco River in search of El Dorado, the City of Gold Essequibo the Dutch did stole And in 1640 the African Soldiers, to Guyana’s land as slaves Then the Dutch settled on Pomeroon River’s enclave Only to war ‘gainst England and crave Settlements were established in Essequibo and Berbice in 1743 In ’63, CUFFY tried to set the captive free, to set the captive free The British captured Demerara for fame Then the French and Dutch tried the same game In Demerara and Berbice the Dutch reigned supreme Only to see Demerara, Essequibo and Berbice fall to the British scheme In 1822 New Amsterdam became Then the East Coast Demerara uprising In 1835 the arrival of the Portuguese Then 1838 the East Indians relieved The Germans succumbed to diseases Then came the Chinese 1966, the Independence date And in 1960 a Republic State Now and forever, Guyana awaits. Richmond To order James' CD entitled, 'Emerging Sound' which contains 49 poems and costs only .00 please contact him at [email protected] help support one of the most talented artists and creative voices that Guyana has to offer... A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book.

There is a heap of rice grains near to the cot and the smell of asfoetida.

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