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I had to buy a new one, as I was out of conditions to go deph in the problem. etc) i looked at the lens going in and out and noticed that when it came out it dropped down. MAITHA thanks allot Sash KMon, 0000 I was just getting ready to throw my camera against the wall, found this gave it a couple of good taps on the back and TAAAA DAAAA. I came across this forum randomly and WOW I cannot believe that hitting it against a tabletop worked!!!! Vinh Le Sat, 0000 really this technique works for me too...i tried while the camera was on and popping in and out......thanx to all who originally posted this technique..... but after i pushed in the lense in my hand a few times right after i turned it on, and then banged it twice it worked! Katie Tue, 0000 I have the DSC-W180 10.1 meg camera and i have tried everything hitting and tapping it like everyone else but with no luck. I removed the battery while the lens was popping in and out, no worky. i was literally just about to go to argos and get a new one when i thought i'd give it one last try. Like many of you, I had the same problem and was resolved easily by two taps. My mother always told be if something doesn't work, don't keep banging it. Cameron Tue, 0000 ive just come of my holiday and my camera broke on the first day, ive banged mine a few times after reading this post and it now works fine again, im so annoyed the fix was so simple after spending a week of my holiday with no camera! mine suddenly stopped working at Disneyland 2 weeks ago couldn't take anymore pictures was soooo mad!!! Kyle Wed, 0000 My daughter got herself a Cybershot a few months ago, and now she got this awfully annoying error message. So I figured what the heck I'll try it and of course it did not work. Thanx Photo Miki Thu, 0400 I had the same "turn power off and on" message error and worked it out myself. anonymous Tue, 0400 And it worked in Holland too! It will display "CYBER SHOT " and lens will come out and IN multiple times (3 times ).4. im abroad in South America, on my way to Colombia and Machu Pichu, I went to a concert and all of a sudden the camera gave me the message, missed out on some photos last night because of the problem!

I had the same problem, I was traveling on vocation , and the machine sunddely stoped working with the same symtoms. I DID THIS FOR ABOUT A MINUTE THEN TURNED THE CAMERA BACK ON , STILL HAD THE ACCESS MESSAGE AND THE LENS WAS MOVING IN AND OUT THAT'S WHEN I HIT THE CAMERA ON THE BOTTOM ON THE TABLE WITH A DISH TOWEL ON THE TABLE FARELY HARD AND ON THE THIRD HIT SINCE THE CAMERA WAS ON I COULD SEE THE IMAGE OF THE ROOM ON THE SCREEN. I THINK (SIBU V) IS CORRECT IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH LENS BEEING OUT OF ALIGNMENT. EDWed, 0000 after reading comments on the internet and finding nothing was working (dropping it, hitting it, tapping, blowing into the lens.. Sophie Mon, 0000 Worked for us, but it only responded to a female tap -- fairly firm whack on a granite couter top -- how bizarre Louie Fri, 0000 I was so stressed out about my camera (paid 250 for it) when the message "turn power on/off" came on and refused to go away! BTW, I tried hitting the camera when it was on and off but it worked when the camera was off. Grant Sun, 0000 my camera has been doing this for5 months and was eventually abandoned in my drawer. Connie Tue, 0000 What a large amount of success stories for one entry dating back to 2007 and still holds to be an ultimate solution! Mark Fri, 0000 I kept banging and banging it in the open position from several different angles and after maybe 50 bangs, it began to work. Don't think I will tell my husband what I did to the camera...... I've tried EVERYTHING icluding the "reset button" and have been extremely frustrated because NOTHING has worked. I decided to look up the problem online one more time and found this sight which said to tap the camera twice.

it worked fine for me too ^^my camera works perfectly now... This could help others in the future to solve issues when it won't fix itself with the tapping, bangning methods.

I beat it off my table and i heard some noises inside my w70. Could anyone give a few more details about where to whack, how hard, how quickly and if the camera is on or off during the whacking.knytfyre Wed, 0000 I am totally worked! Don't be afraid to use a little force, after all, if you have this problem, the camera is junk anyway.happydude Sun, 0000 Yeah, totally amazing... Didn't work the first few times, but then I gave it five hard whacks on the table topside down and it opened up. How many of you had the camera dropped before the problem showed up?

i have a p41 and on the screen appear "turn the power off and on again" so i turn it off and back on again but the sign is still there. please help Bonita Thu, -0700 Your lens is jammed up or needs to be adjusted. (Fortunately I bought a analog one)When I was seaching the web about the problem, I was already hopeless, because the waranty was over , and I would probably pay a lot of money to fix it. i still wont work when i push the lens inward it had a click sound and it fixed! The horrible noise no longer happens when I power on/off the camera. However, the zoom-out function is still a bit jerky and makes a dodgy noise. you have no idea the amount of frustration this was causing me! right away when i turn my camera on it says " turn the power off and on again " . i now have a great little camera and a very big thankyou to MAITHA, if you've got this problem persevere it's only fit for the bin anyway as it'll cost more than it's worth if you send it for repair.steve powell Thu, 0000 maitha ur great, it work for my dsc - w290. Tapped a few times in my hand and Presto is working again. HA HAsusan Thu, 0000 Whoever Maitha is you are awesome! We was about to go get it repaired but when I found this page I was like what the heck, I can try this if it worked and it did ;) Thanks this really help, THANK YOU!!!!! tap the camera on theh table a few times or on your hand when its off2. if it don't work repeat step one Jackie Wed, 0000 So So cool!!! I was so disappointed when my camera stopped working with this issue. Other variations include blowing with a hair dryer in °no heat± setting". My opinion, it must have been the combination of the two. So that must have done it, a misalignment or something. My camera is a nearly new WX1 Sony so the problem still exists for newer Sonys. on vacation in Maui and it did this during an awsome. and thanks for everyone else for sharing the success of the remedy! Meanwhile, I'll keep banging it hoping for a miracle. Had to whack it hard on the palm of my hand a few times before it worked though. Mic Fri, 0400 I too thought this whaking thing as a joke but it worked.. Stef Mon, 0400 I did all the banging in the world! No matter how many times or hard I slam this thing on my floor, it still wont zoom past x3.3. Just before visiting service center came across this page, initially thought might be some kind of joke but this worked!! I've been having issues all day with the power on/off thing and the lens having issues. DDan Drifter Dan Tue, 0300 I dropped my Sony Cybershot WX5 on my stone kitchen floor into a puddle of water. i am in chile and have 3 weeks left of back packing. hit it.princess steely Wed, 0300 HIT YOUR CAMERA ON YOUR KNEE HARD AND IT WILL WORK U WILL BE SUPRISED!!! The only difference is that I tabbed 6 times, 2 times with my hands and 4 times on a table. Leo Mon, 0400 I took off the elastic lens cap leash which was preventing the lens from retracting fully. I took the lens cover off and the camera worked fine again! Lets see how long this fix lasts :-)Rick Wed, 0300 All you have to do is make sure the lens cap is off.

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Sarah Thu, 0000 I had the same problem with my ciber-shot dsc-w35. I have only had the camera a few months, so if it happens again, I think I will swap it for a new one (or a different make altogether! I wacked it a bunch more times after reading the advice no go. I thought my camera was a goner after reading the manual for my DSC-W55.

But the battery had charge.sheena Thu, 0000 Wow i cant believe this worked for my camera... I have a Super steady shot dsc-h2 and no amount of whacking or palm striking is working. Being an Electrical Engineer who took advanced work in optics I am sure this part was built by an the machine Mon, 0000 I had to hit the bottom of the camera on my knee for a while (when the camera was on), but hitting it worked nonetheless. My old W70 was kept alive by this technique (which, by the way, I didn't get from here) for another 4 months after it initially had trouble, which was also after it had already undergone a lens replacement under warranty by SONY, then failed again another four months after that for the same thing. Of course, I think it was pretty much already dead and I have had two more cameras since. I made sure that the next cameras I bought would take the same batteries. How many of you have high relative humidity where you live?

Is it because i started using the camera without even charging the batttery? I dented the peice of wood with the camera and sure enough it worked. LBSun, 0400 I did this same thing back in 2008 or so with a DSC-W70 (my second DSC series camera) and it worked. It's working okay, but I am about to try it on my even older DSC-W50, which I still have. Questions for all if you ever come back and read this: How many of you took your camera to the beach or a sandy place?

Dont know if I can post my website so feel free to email me. I did tapping a few times with my palm but it didn't worked. Then I checked the lens to see if they were stuck (the lens would not open). Allan Masison Fri, 0000 Don't give up or get too scared tapping and dropping that camera! Chi Chi Tue, 0000 Maitha same problem, tried the solution, perfect!!!! I tapped it a few times on my hand as I was turning it on, when it would do the open-shit thing with the lens, and it started working! Stefani Tue, 0000 Had to really slam the puppy with lens in and out, on and off. Hit it with the palm of my hand about 30 times as well. After about 10 minutes of frustration and reading all the posts on this page, it finally worked. Bezvlw Jeeh Thu, 0000 the tapping did not do it for me. Looks like the only thing that is gonna work is slam it down on concrete, throw pieces in trash and buy a new one. I'm so happy I found this page because it works now. Just paid for diagnostics, charged the battery and tapped away, on the palm of my hand, on a sofa arm and on my leg. I guess the shock has to be timed right for the lens position. Tried very, very gently pulling the lens counter clockwise upon startup. This is what worked like a charm from: basically, turn the camera on; and pull out the battery. Susan Tue, 0300 This happened with my camera on my honeymoon - we immediately went out and bought a new cybershot, which I've been grumbling about for the last 10 months (the old one took WAY better pictures). I came across this site and was very relieved to hear the sucess stories. the lens are still not working and the error message still shows up. But one person on here gave advice to grab the lens and turn it as it goes in, and after hurting my hand in trying beat the lens out of it, that worked! I did tapping and it works fine..have saved me Rs.2500/- . The simplest repair guide ever...thanks :)Dan Fri, 0400 Holy smokes, I've been putting off trying to fix this for several months assuming it was some complex 'reset' process or 'download-analytze-install-configure' process (good thing my old Kodak still works great). Thanks Ray Wed, 0400 I tried tapping it for a while and got so frustrated. I think there might be some other problems with my camera since it's a bit old, but it did the trick. Cassie Tue, 0400 Scratch that, it works perfectly!! Cassie Tue, 0400 Yeah i also got the same problem with my DSC- W220. at first nothing happened and then I switched it off and whacked in my hand thoroughly and hit the from of the camera too.. thanks for your Thu, 0400 Thanks a lot guys....... I came across this piece of advice and just like everyone else it really did work! When I looked closer at the lens I noticed it was pointing downwards. Thanks Again.roney12Thu, 0400 I revised my camera after following JJ post. Maybe a bad electrical contact; so may microscopically small contact inside. After a recent 0 estimate to repair - I was in deep despair over my Sony Cyber-shot G - a little workhorse of a camera. HIT IT HARDER ON THE KNEEPatrick Kimanzi Fri, 0300 Thank you very much Maitha! BE AWARE DO NOT BANG TO HARD *LEARNED FROM EXPERIENCE*Lexusberry Wed, -0800 Please stop banging your camera. But the reason you get that message is because you have not removed the lens cap. Smashed the bottom on my palm a few times while it was on with the lens extended, careful to not hit the lens with my hand. You saved me stress and a few hundred dollars ate lease. Even 12 years after you originally posted this solution it worked for me on my Sony Steady Shot DSC-W510. Christina Mon, -0700 I wasn't sure if this site was a joke - so many people saying to whack their camera sounded like some kind of practical joke. I dropped the Cybershot zoom briefly on the floor, with the zoom out, but it seemed ok. I tap it many times strongly, and finally begun to work. First thought it was a kind of bad joke but after seeing the long list, I tried and it was so successful Thank you a lo .

Thomas DMon, -0500 tap your camera on tha table twice. Then I got angry how ppl are doing it, on the floor I gave it a few whacks and VOILA.worked. Shiv Tue, 0000 Friends, This may sound crazy but it worked .... I grabbed the lens and yanked it up and down a few times - same idea. one day my son dropped it on floor (lcd side) in camra ON position . I tapped it really hard and also pulled onto the lens when it zoomed out. Jennifer Fri, 0000 I had to hit my camera hard many times, I hit the table 3-4 times and try to turn on, repeat till your camera is working. Started a little gentle (so I wont break anymore of it), tried it if it works and then repeat the process with a little more force than the last. Also mine was'nt retracting its' lens normally - it did a " bounce " out againbefore fully shutting - maybe a clue as to what was wrong CHEERS ! When I reinserted the battery and turned on the camera it worked normally!! My question to you all is, is the inner lens supposed to be loose? I gently tapped the camera a few times on the table as suggested and I'm taking pictures again! ie : just around the lens part and then I switched it on.. I was about to purchace new camera as I am now in beutiful contry and wanted to capture snap but couple of weeks back my camera catched with this 'access' error. I haven't used this camera (dsc-p10) in a few years and I was reading all these other sites about how the ccd chip or something is probably broken but they won't fix it for free anymore. So I tried to firmly move it upwards, heard a pop,and now its perfect again. I tap it very hard (after) a series of small taps, etc. You have saved me a lot of money,mur Sat, 0400 Great forum! Attempt after attempt, I could not get this trick to work. Palaniyappan Mon, 0300 It does not fix the problem. To my amazement and sheer delight - with camera upright, one firm rap on a thick carpet and Voila - error message gone! The lens comes out when you turn the camera on, it would hit the lens cap and cause damage. Then when I next tried to switch it on the lens wouldn't open and it said to switch off and on. Like others on this site, I thought I may as well try. Then gave three or four fairly firm taps on a cafe tabletop (still not whacks) - and hurrah!!! Tracked: Wed, 0300 Title: Lens Blocked on Fuji Finepix S1900 Weblog: Camera Hacker Excerpt: Hello, writing you from Romania.

(this is very very important)At first, don't tap it too hard. If the error is still there, tap it a little harder. Continue, with increasing force each time until it fixes it. Do NOT send it away for a 0 dollar (at least) service, it's a rip off. I turned it on and off myself a few times with no trouble and took a few pictures. Started whacking on my hand, then on my leg, more on my hand. It can still be repaired and you don't want to break it anymore than it is already. Worked for me too, was hitting the camera harder and harder and HARDER AND FINALLY IT WORKED!!!! Mine was a few more taps but eventually it worked!! My lens had gotten stuck initially when the battery died before it closed all the way. But this discussion and the idea placed was superbbbbbbbbbbb!!!! I tried hard tapping thrice on my palm first while off condition, then I tried with On condition hit hard at the bottom side near threded hole and it works...... Rocker King Cush Wed, 0400 OK It worked for us too, it took a few gradually increasing taps before it worked but it did work no the less.1. the old school han solo smack it until it works, ACTUALLY WORKED! I was also too nervous to hit it hard, in case it fixed the lens but did irrepairable damage to something else inside. It just worked for me too folkiessdoggiedog Tue, 0300 It works!!! i would press power, the lens would go in and out about 3 times and a message would appear saying "turn camera off and on again." i tried this countless times before i finally gave up and threw the camera in a box.i just found it yesterday and it was still doing the same thing - so i googled the problem. After about 20 hand taps and 6 kitchen counter taps (each a little harder than the last), I gave up. The "whack it...sometimes hard" was a standard procedure which worked. I gave it 2 hard taps, then something clicked in the lens. Rene Wed, 0300 please help me :( i dont know how to tap what am i suppose to do? Hahaha thanl youarvin Thu, 0300 This is a really old string, but I just had the identical problem and tried hitting the camera on my palm, no luck. Unfortunately I purchased a new camera because I couldnt do Christmas with two littles and no camera but I am so glad to have my little pocket camera back! Petar MKDSat, 0400 It actually worked ..thought I was going mad, I had the last laugh, well done who ever worked this out!!! Andrzej Tue, 0300 Maitha, your advice, tapping it flat on the table worked like a pro...... Chaqueno Mon, 0300 funziona 10 colpi a macchina accesa e boom ripartita grazie mille Gianni Sun, 0300 I feel stupid for this. Scott Bennett Wed, 0300 Repaired my daugther's dsc-w50 by gently knocking the table about 8 times. I wouldn't try it on a solid table with no shock absorbing quality. My wife is now acting as though nothing happened (no blame for dropping, no praise for "fixing"). angus Tue, -0800 Title: Panasonic HDC-SDT750 - Turn Off and On Message Weblog: Camera Hacker Excerpt: In reference to "Can't get rid of "turn the power off and on again"" .

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