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11-Jun-2017 21:26

Your Oncologist, by the very nature of their training and expertise, follows evidence-based treatments and guidelines for their recommendations.

Cancer Care Ontario also outlines Evidence-Based Guidelines, which can be found .

This includes the impact on family and work responsibilities.

Clearly, all these issues cannot be effectively addressed at one visit.

First Visit Orientation After checking in at the Main Lobby – Registration Desk, Your first visit to the Cancer Centre will include an orientation where you will meet with a Supportive Care staff member and a volunteer.

You will meet a volunteer who will show you the Cancer Centre and answer any questions you may have about the centre.

Your Oncologist also has the opportunity to discuss treatment approaches at Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences that are attended by cancer specialists with focuses in various areas including Oncology, Surgery, Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging.

The Oncology Nurse also plays an important role in assessing any new concerns or symptoms that may be related to your diagnosis or treatment.

Within this visit, many details are discussed in addition to the diagnosis and prognosis including possible side effects of treatment, timeframe for their improvement, delayed toxicities that may or may not occur and how these may affect day-to-day function and quality of life.

As well, there is a critically important aspect of dealing with the emotional stresses of cancer and its treatment.

This may include access to required tests, pathology reports, treatment start times and the constant effort to respect the clinic waits to see the Oncologist.

Considering the complexity of best patient care, we are constantly balancing a quality visit where patient’s needs are met while attempting to minimize wait to see the Oncologist.

Multiple experts provide a consensus opinion that can ensure the best evidence is used in the decision-making for cancer treatment. It helps get you ready to see your care team and makes the most of the time you have with them.