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In the original days of stage plays, directors had their casts play directly to the audience, marking positions for them to stand, angles for them to face, and props or furniture for them to use that would establish their positions on the stage.That’s called “blocking” and it’s used regularly in TV and film.Clicking on a taller character will actually make your character look up, or down to shorter ones, (as long as you’re not too close or too far away for the mechanic to register).This comes in handy if you want your character to come off as curious, creepy or intense, depending on how you utilize the left-click on a moving target.Now that you’re on the stage, set your stance and block your character.NOTE: Not everyone has a computer with a top-of-the-line graphics card, and even some who do don’t run with shadows turned on.

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Many RPers simply turn their entire character to face yours during a conversation.

Naturally, you can’t expect everyone in your RP group to understand the blocking technique, but you can at least establish yourself on the stage and use the technique effectively.

If you are hosting the RP, consider the following: Will there be any action to the scenario?

Establishing locations for actors to sit or stand, or setting directions for them to move, helps the cinematographer establish mood and scene (as well as focus and knowing where to point the camera). Let’s start by examining the stage where your RP will take place.

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Whether you’re just diving in to some random extraneous BARPing (Bar RP) around a cantina, or setting a scene inside a hangar, spaceport or back alley on Nar Shaddaa, there are some considerations to make based on your expectations for the story.Other actions upon approaching a bar may include looking around the room, checking out the other patrons, or keeping your eyes straight ahead in an unspoken warning that you’re minding your own business.