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23-Jun-2017 00:43

So despite hundreds dying each year at the hands of drink-drivers, the film’s central message and title still seemed alien. Worried by the rising tide of deaths, the Ministry of Transport commissioned a leading animation studio, Halas and Batchelor, to create the 40-second film.

It was actually aired three years before a legal drink-drive limit was even set, in 1967, with roadside breath tests following a year later.

It’s 1964, and in living rooms across Britain a jolly black-and-white public information film flickers on to the nation’s television screens with a novel message: “Don’t ask a man to drink and drive.” It’s short, amusing, innocent and fun and, although nobody knows it yet, it will one day be recognised as a major turning point, the moment when drink-driving begins to lose its gloss of public acceptability.

Fifty years ago, millions were still routinely downing “one for the road” before swerving home in the car.

Customer needs are central to market segmentation which is concerned with dividing markets into distinct groups of buyers on the basis of "distinct needs, characteristics, or behaviors who might require separate products or marketing mixes." A firm employing a product orientation is mainly concerned with the quality of its own product.

Needs: Something necessary for people to live a healthy, stable and safe life.

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